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“What unites the characters … is that all are acutely aware of the role of art, music, and beauty in bringing peace to their damaged souls as they explore the themes of love and death, freedom and confinement, commitment and betrayal, and the worldly and the spiritual within their Danish environment. … Full, rich, and ... resonant with lively details about people and places, Thomas E. Kennedy’s quartet is a triumph, an homage to a city by an author who has explored and obviously loved it for thirty years.”
Mary Whipple, “Seeing the World Through Books”
(5-star review),
Aug. 7, 2014


“Kennedy has placed Copenhagen on a level with Joyce’s Dublin.”
—David Applefield,
Frank Magazine,


“Thomas E. Kennedy is an astonishment, and In the Company of Angels is as elegant as it is beautiful, as important as it is profound.”
Junot Diaz,
Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction, 2008


“Kennedy has a gifted eye …
[He] has held to his vision of what writing should want to do …  In the Company of Angels is simply an unforgettable novel.”
The Los Angeles Times


“… wide-ranging and assured …”
The New Yorker


Falling Sideways is the finest novel I have read in many years. Thomas Kennedy is a true discovery, an author of rare intelligence and moral vision. Not least, the book is immensely compelling and beautifully written.”
—Alain de Botton, author of How Proust Can Change Your Life and many other best-sellers


Falling Sideways is that rarest of commodities in American literary fiction, a novel about men and women at work; it is part satire and part drama, and it is very smart.”
—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post


“... lyrical images and often stunning prose that twirls with the improvisation of the jazz musicians Kerrigan admires ....”
The New York Times Book Review (an Editor's Choice book)


“Lyrical, erudite, lustful and traumatized … elegantly rambling, witty, discursive, often brilliant and shamelessly boozy …. Kerrigan in Copenhagen is awash with predicaments … [provides] the startling solace of a familiar landscape made new ... [and] offers a more nuanced version of the Danish capital than any TV drama.”
The Guardian


“[In Beneath the Neon Egg,] Mr. Kennedy skillfully builds a mood of erudite noir.”
The Economist


Beneath the Neon Egg is ... a love letter to jazz ..., a love letter to love ..., a love letter to Copenhagen. ... The Quartet is for all the mariners plunging to unknown destinations within themselves.”
Journal of Higher Education


About the Quartet

Welcome to the website of The Copenhagen Quartet, which comprises four independent novels about the souls and seasons, the light and jazz and serving houses of the Danish capital. Each volume can be read independently, or all four can be read together and in any order.

Each novel focuses on a different group of characters and various parts of the city, incorporating actual streets, parks, cafés, and landmarks. Although each book has its own characters, at some point in each novel, characters from the others make cameo appearances. In the autumn book, Falling Sideways, a chorus of personae from each novel do a quick, mournful dance across Queen Louise’s Bridge over Black Dam Lake on the north side of Copenhagen. Further, each novel is written in a different style — one is experimental, one noir, one has a social conscience, one is unapologetically satirical — and each has its own musical score, mostly jazz with some Nordic classical scores and rock thrown in.

The novels were originally published by Wynkin de Worde, an Irish publisher that succumbed to the faltering global economy. Happily for international readers, including those in the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand, Bloomsbury Publishing is republishing the novels worldwide in hardcover and paperback, each revised by the author to reflect an up-to-date Copenhagen. In the Company of Angels and Falling Sideways were published in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Kerrigan in Copenhagen, A Love Story will be published in Spring 2013, and Beneath the Neon Egg the year after.


Site Map

This website consists of eight web pages devoted to different aspects of The Copenhagen Quartet:

• Intro Graphic (with animation),
• About the Quartet (with Site Map and with News, Highlights, &
• About Each Novel (with an interactive panel),
• About the Author,
• Order Info,
• Outside Links (with videos, some with musical accompaniment),
• Print a Copenhagen Quartet (CQ) Bookmark, and
• Contact Us.

To access the topics, click on the links shown at the top and bottom of the web pages. The Intro Graphic serves as our home (landing) page, and all pages are accessible from the links above that image with its rippling waters.

Most images throughout the site are interactive -- only a click away from pertinent and fascinating information about Copenhagen, the "ancient kingdom," and Kennedy's life and work.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and recommend it to your friends. Come back and visit -- we will announce news here about the author and upcoming publication dates. Tusind tak.


News, Highlights, & Announcements

Available Now: Bloomsbury released the Quartet's fourth volume, Beneath the Neon Egg, in the USA in hardback in Aug. 2014.

Forthcoming: Bloomsbury will release Beneath the Neon Egg in paperback in the USA on Nov. 6, 2014, and will release the trade paperback in the UK on Nov. 6, 2014.


author at Vienna short story Conference, July 2014

At the International Conference on the Short Story
in English in Vienna, July 14-20, 2014:
Thomas E. Kennedy (at the podium) in very fine company—
from left to right, Sandra Cisneros, Robert Olen Butler, and
Kelly Cherry—at the Amerika Haus.

Author reading at Union Hall, Brooklyn

Reading at Union Hall, Brooklyn, May 18, 2014.
Photo credit: Anthony Fine.

Author in Vienna

Author enjoying Vienna at the
International Conference on the Short Story
in English, July 14-20, 2014.

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photo of Thomas E. Kennedy

Thomas E. Kennedy

Photo credit:
Mark Hillringhouse



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